Thursday, July 3, 2008

My New Philosophy-Love every second

I've had a blog for awhile but I didn't feel like it was really me- that it reflected my sense of humor, sense of style (or lack thereof) or my complete addiction to yummy yarns. I wanted to create a place where I can be myself, even if I'm not completely "finished" - I've got a few dropped stitches here and there and unravelling edges. I prefer to think of it as personalization, rather than flaws, but it all depends on your perspective, right?
Making this blog means abandoning my old blog, as I'm not yet geeky enough (in the right way, at least) to figure out how to transfer my old content. I'm going to try copying and pasting my old blog, as it wasn't huge or anything, but we'll see.
I know this is beyond sappy to admit, but I really don't want to give up the virtual pet that I've adopted to my old blog, but I don't know how to move him. Yeah, I know he's really just some computer code that was cleverly written and that I can get a new one any time. That's just the sort of sap that I am I guess.
I joined the Seasons of Lace KAL, and it is a very cool thing. I'm going to knit a Laminaria
(from Spring '08 in Alpaca Cloud (from Knit Picks). I'm going to start swatching today or maybe tomorrow.
I'm also working diligently on the cropped cardi that I'm designing. It feels very woo-hoo to write that. In any case, I've had to rip back a few times as I figure it out. It's fun though, and an easy knit, if I didn't have to think about everything I'm doing so dang much.
I finished my "Sahara" and I'll have pics soon!

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