Monday, September 8, 2008

Back to School

As a recently graduated wanna-be language arts teacher, I'm hoping to reconnect to the substitute teacher I became last spring. That is, I hope I haven't forgotten how to survive subbing. I spent summer praying to get a full-time position, to no avail. It is disheartening and discouraging to be facing a whole year of subbing after working my tail off to get my degree and license.
Luckily I have my yarn obsession to keep me sane, even if it looks like crazy to the non-knits of the world.
Also I'm happy happy happy that my bellydance teacher, Razia is back from her tour of London and I get to start shimmying under her guidance again next week. I want to knit a dancing skirt or hip shawl, but my pile of UFO's keeps me from casting on another project.

I've been doing small projects, hats and mitts, to have a feeling of accomplishment on a regular basis. The top picture is of the "Gwen Slouchy Beret" knit in Bearfoot sock yarn. The model and recipient is my lovely Mom-in-law, Mary.
It was fun and quick to knit. It's basically Vine lace in beret form, and I'm a vine lace devotee.

I'm experiencing frustration with my blog, in that I can't figure out how to get my pictures where i want them. So even tho' I have a lot more to share, I'm gonna stop before I end up throwing my computer across the room.

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