Monday, February 9, 2009

My Noro Obsession. . . continued- and more info about the bag

First of all, I forgot to write in the finished dimensions of the Riding the Ridge bag (previously known as the Lizard Ridge Bag), which is 10.25 inches wide by 11.5 inches tall by 2 inches deep. Thanks to LauraRose for noticing!

Now for another Noro project posting! I finished the soft, lovely, warm and breathtaking "Lady Eleanor Entrelac Stole" which I have dubbed "Addicted to Entrelac" because it was hard to put down. I made some changes from the original, namely that I added another square to the width, and made each square 9 stitches. My Ravelry page lists the colorways I used, of which there are three.

I'm quite taken with this stole, although I rarely wear it. I love the subtle changes in color, the little nubs of silk, the texture of each little square. I'm looking forward to my next Entrelac project, which will either be the Fourth Grade Hat by Abby Franquemont, or an Entrelac scarf, constructed just like the stole, only smaller. Considering that it's February, I'll probably go with the hat, as it just doesn't stay cold enough around here to wear a wool scarf after March (usually). Probably because I wrote that, I will need a scarf til April this year.

Next time, I have a hat and scarf to show you!

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LauraRose said...

Consider yourself understood! I'm obsessed with my entrelac scarf--I'm thinking of doing a coat with the hand-spun I'm currently spinning. I downloaded that hat immediately to go with my almost finished scarf! Hmm... and the bag, too, of course, so I could be completely coordinately accessorized! It's doubtful I could stick to one colorway though!