Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Burda Anda Dress- Best of July 2009

First a note- I'm going to be using this space to record project inspiration from various sources. One of my problems is that I'll have a great idea, not keep track of it and then *Poof* it disappears when the brain needs to make more room.
Today I saw this great dress and it inspired me:

Best of July 2009

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I would love to paint or print a large-scale repeating image such as this on fabric- I’m thinking a lizard or waves maybe- make it into a simple garment like this and then embellish it (sparingly) with beads and embroidery. The trick would be to find inks and/or paints that are soft to preserve the drape of the fabric.

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LauraRose said...

Yeah, Mersknits is back! I like the idea of Blog as inspiration notebook, but I can't make your dress link work :(

Check out Dharma Trading Co. for a huge variety of dyes/paints and excellent descriptions of how each one feels and works.

See you tomorrow?