Sunday, January 10, 2010

Craft or Bust, Week 1

I have actual pictures of knitting progress to show:

This is "Addicted to Entrelac, part 2" which came to existence after I gave away the first one for my beloved Aunt Patty's 69th (!!!) birthday.

This is different from the first (Rav link here) in that I have gone off the deep end in choosing colorways for this. The last one had 3 Noro silk garden colorways, this one has 5 so far. It's really fun to try and predict how the colors will arrange themselves as I knit.
The needle poked through shows my estimated progress for the last week.

Secondly, I'm working on a hooded scarf project, using some 2 ply BFL handspun that I spun up a couple months ago. It is silky and soft, and I love it, but it is not here right now, so I'll show you my second skein of the yarn I'm using:

So, that's not so bad for my first week, although I have made zero progress in my photo skills, and I don't even know for sure how to load to flickr.

I also did a little carving on some safety cut, but I haven't printed it yet, so maybe next week!
Thanks again to our CoB hostesses for launching this idea!

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LauraRose said...

I'm proud of you for posting. I;m afraid to sign on to this idea--my last post was in August...
Look forward to watching your progress from across town!