Sunday, January 17, 2010

Craft or Bust, Week 2

This week has been a crafty one for me. In addition to making some progress on my Entrelac stole and hooded scarf, I also did a little printing of my Safety-Cut carving. I'm not so good at it as of yet, but I think it's like one of those things (like everything) that gets better with time and practice. I've also been spinning. Here's a couple of pics of the fiber I'm spinning:

This is an Alpaca, Silk and Merino blend from Halcyon fibers and it is a dream. The colors seem to glow from within, and very from a licorice, through plum and dark red to brilliant fuschia along a little bit of a silvery shade thrown in to send the whole thing over the top. I'm spinning it into a fingering weight 2 ply, and I should have some pictures tomorrow.
I will have many gorgeous pictures of my larger projects once I either figure out how to fix the color from indoor pictures or get some decent weather for outdoor photos. The pics of the fiber were taken on my front porch. The ones I took indoors looked pink and brown.
I want to add another goal to my Craft or Bust challenge, which is to learn stranding techniques for colorwork. I've been inspired by The Yarn Harlots "Wild Apples" project, as well as many other gorgeous knits I've seen. Of course I won't start with an 8 1/2 stitch per inch Bohus sweater. I'm thinking of some mitts, like these, only fingerless.
Manageable, yet amazing!

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